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St Mary's Primary School, Maghery

Special Educational Needs


St Mary’s Primary School staff are committed to providing equal access for all our pupils to a broad and balanced educational experience based on the Northern Ireland Curriculum. We recognise that some pupils during their school career may have special educational needs and/or a disability. In the interests of these children, we will endeavour to make every reasonable arrangement to provide for their individual needs.

In St Marys we aim to do this by:

  • Encouraging inclusive practices;
  • Promoting a sense of belonging and community;
  • Early identification of SEN/disability;
  • Ensuring that a child’s inclusion is compatible with efficient education of other children;
  • Ensuring that no child with a SEN/ disability is treated less favourably or disadvantaged in anyway in comparison to those who have no SEN/disabilities;
  • Involving parents/carers at all stages;
  • Providing a classroom environment that is conducive to learning;
  • Developing children’s full potential, socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually;
  • Providing a range of SEN provision to match the SEN/disability of the child;
  • Effectively monitoring and evaluating;
  • Developing knowledge, skills and understanding;
  • Strive for close co-operation between all services and agencies concerned in order to achieve an effective multi-disciplinary approach

Arrangements for Co-ordinating SEN Provision

Although meeting the needs of pupils with SEN is a whole school issue the overall responsibility for managing SEN provision resides with the Board of Governors and the principal of the school. However, to facilitate the day-to-day running of the provision the board of governors has delegated responsibility to co-ordinate the provision for pupils with special educational needs to Mrs Sheena Copeland (SENCO- Soon to be Learning Support Co-Ordinator)