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St Mary's Primary School, Maghery


Anti Bullying Policy (12th Apr 2022) Download
Attendance Policy (28th Apr 2023) Download
CCTV Policy (12th May 2023) Download
Code of Conduct for Parents (6th Dec 2021) Download
Complaints Procedure (6th Dec 2021) Download
Critical Incident Policy (5th Jan 2024) Download
Critical Incident Policy and Plan (12th Jan 2024) Download
Disposal of Records Schedule (6th Dec 2021) Download
E Safety Policy (27th Apr 2021) Download
Educational Visits (12th Feb 2021) Download
Fire Drill Procedure (29th Nov 2022) Download
First Aid Policy (16th Mar 2023) Download
Handwriting Policy (6th Jan 2021) Download
ICT Policy (27th Apr 2021) Download
Interim Special Educational Needs Policy (12th Apr 2022) Download
Intimate Care Policy (5th Jan 2024) Download
NSPCC Keeping Safe Policy (5th Jan 2024) Download
Numeracy Policy (12th Apr 2022) Download
Physical Education Policy (13th Feb 2024) Download
Policy for Data Protection (GDPR) (12th Apr 2022) Download
Positive Behaviour (23rd Sep 2021) Download
Privacy Notice for Pupil and Parents/Families/Carers/Legal Guardians regarding the use of Personal Information in Education Settings (16th Sep 2021) Download
Religion Policy (10th Jan 2022) Download
Remote Learning Policy (25th Jan 2021) Download
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (29th Nov 2022) Download
SEN Transition Policy (12th Apr 2022) Download
Smoking Policy (29th Nov 2022) Download
Supporting Children with Medical Needs and Thr Storage and Administration of Drugs (6th Dec 2021) Download
Teaching and Learning Policy (12th Apr 2022) Download
Transition Policy (12th Apr 2022) Download
World Around Us Policy (12th Feb 2021) Download