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St Mary's Primary School, Maghery

Music Tuition

St Mary's PS has a strong tradition in music tuition and we take great pride in offering the Education Board's Music Service to the children of Maghery.

Mrs Comac attends the school weekly offering expert tuition in classical music using string instruments such as the violin and viola while Mr F Juhasz has been our board tutor for the flute over the last number of years.

This tuition is part of the Education Board's Music Service and following an expression of interest and preliminary testing, many children are then offered the opportunity to avail of these lessons. This service often leads to the children receiving professional qualifications in their given instrument.

The cost of this tuition is reviewed at the beginning of every school year and is determined by the number of hours available to the school and the number of children availing of the service. It is important to note that for any child who undertakes this tuition, the parent is obliged to cover the cost for the full year.